UAE businesses are increasingly utilizing cloud-based

Organizations all around the UAE are boosting their digital initiatives and adopting cloud-based tools to support their workforce. However, there are obstacles to achieving this. As data travels back and forth between corporate networks and the cloud, organizations continue to encounter challenges with inadequate migration capabilities, managing multi-cloud complexity, unexpected application performance, and security.

Markets and Markets’ MEA Cloud Computing Report projects that the UAE’s cloud computing market will increase to US$31.4 billion by 2026. Furthermore, McKinsey Digital estimates that the global market for enterprise IT services is approximately US$2.4 trillion, demonstrating that there is still enormous space for expansion for cloud based applications. The rise is anticipated to result from an uptick in firms in the area modernizing operations, data centers, divisions, and perhaps entire corporations with technology. With constantly evolving business demands which include anywhere-anytime access, IT departments are strategically positioned to quickly deploy effective solutions to support organizational growth and cutting-edge initiatives related to flexibility, scalability, cost reduction, and quicker time to market.

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