US fan says Meghan Markle ‘had it all planned from start’


Meghan Markle appears as if she “had this all planned out from day one”, and knew what she was getting into when she married Prince Harry, a royal fan has suggested. The release of the Netflix biographical documentary featuring the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has sparked great controversy in the UK and the US. The six-episode production, on which the Royal Family didn’t comment, made hard-hitting claims against the press and the Firm – particularly Prince William.

Royal fans across the pond have reportedly grown weary of the couple with one woman saying that her affection for Prince Harry’s late mother Diana had made her largely sympathetic to them both at first, but that changed recently.

Caroline Russo, 52, told The Telegraph: “There’s a faux naivety that you see with Meghan in the documentary.

“All this pretending that she didn’t know what she was signing up for, that she didn’t know anything about how the Royal family operates.

“If Meghan really wanted freedom, she would reject her titles and all the privileges. But it is clear now that she probably had this all planned out from day one.”

Meanwhile, American commentator Skylar Baker-Jordan suggested that Meghan is perceived in the US as “ambitious”, calling the Duchess the “epitome of the American dream”.

He said: “To the British, that would read as arrogance. To Americans, it reads as ambition – and ambition is encouraged in this country.

“Meghan is, in many regards, the epitome of the American dream.

“She was a middle-class child of a single mom who attended one of the most prestigious universities in the country – Northwestern – and made it big, first in television and then… working with the United Nations to advocate for the rights of women.

“Then she meets and falls in love with a prince.”

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Meghan, 41, revealed she thought about killing herself amid a torrent of negative media coverage before the couple decided to make a break from the royal household.

She said: “It was like ‘All of this will stop if I am not here’.”

Harry added that he believed the Mail on Sunday’s publication of a letter Meghan wrote her estranged father — over which she successfully sued the paper’s publisher — contributed to her having a miscarriage in 2020.

Neither Buckingham Palace, which represents the king nor William’s Kensington Palace office has commented on the series.


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