Yellowstone star Lainey Wilson responds after video of her ‘fat


LAINEY Wilson isn’t afraid to make a crack about her “fat butt.”

The Yellowstone star not only flaunts her backside, but can also clap back at critics and trolls.

Lainey Wilson is proud of her backside


Lainey Wilson is proud of her backsideCredit: INSTAGRAM/laineywilsonmusic
The country singer clapped back at a troll who referred to her 'dump truck'


The country singer clapped back at a troll who referred to her ‘dump truck’Credit: Instagram/laineywilsonmusic

Lainey, 30, is also a rising star on the country music scene, and recently released a new album titled Bell Bottom Country.

The dual threat entertainer acknowledged all the attention over her derrière with a post on Instagram.

“I can’t even go on my TikTok without seeing my fat butt on everything,” she shared. “It says #trend.”

But she also realizes there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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“Whatever brings the people in,” she continued. “But I’m just telling you all, go check out my record, Bell Bottom Country.

“Happy to have you either way.”

In the comments section, people praised her – and her tush.

“I’m here because of your butt, to be honest,” one person shared. “But turns out you’re a great singer.”

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One person noted: “I mean… it IS a great butt!!!!” while another tagged on: “A fully loaded tater.”

And one person confessed: “They call it a ‘money maker’ for a reason girl. Get it!”


But one comment especially caught Lainey’s eye.

“You got a CDL (commercial driver’s license) for that dump truck back there?”

The comment caused Lainey to clap back with a hilarious meme of herself driving a dump truck.

She also created and shared her own copy of a CDL


Lainey, who plays Abby on the hit Paramount network show, acknowledged the interest in her backside in an Instagram story as well – hoping to use her cheeks to bring cheers to others.

“Happy holidays!” she captioned a video of herself doing a high kick. “Take a break from looking at my butt for a minute and look at my shirt.”

Her shirt read: “This shirt saves lives.”

She explained: “I’m proud to wear (the shirt) and support the kids at St. Jude fighting cancer.”

Lainey even shared a little known secret.

“Fun fact: My last gig as a Hannah Montana impersonator was at St. Jude,” she revealed. “It’s an important place.”

Laney made a fake Commercial Driver's License


Laney made a fake Commercial Driver’s LicenseCredit: Instagram/laineywilsonmusic
She put her butt to good use raising awareness for St. Jude


She put her butt to good use raising awareness for St. JudeCredit: INSTAGRAM/laineywilsonmusic
Lainey plays Abby on Yellowstone


Lainey plays Abby on YellowstoneCredit: Getty


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