From A Striptease To A Lifelong Friendship: Regina Hall And

THEN: Regina, The Best Man was actually your first feature film. Was there any initial hesitation when you first considered taking on the role because of the striptease scene? If so, what made you ultimately decide that that was the right move for your career?

RH: Yeah. No! I mean, if I got it, I was gonna do it. With the dancing, I was more so thinking, Was I going to be able to pull that off? Was I going to be able to pull off that she’s supposed to be enticing to the men? You wonder, are you going to be attractive enough? You know what I mean? 

Also, being surrounded by such an incredible cast of women. You have so many beautiful women who are in the cast as well, so I think it was just, like, being new and fitting in. There was nervousness, but the excitement was just as big! 

My brothers seeing it…I think I also thought about my brothers seeing it. My father passed away, but I remember I was like, What are my brothers gonna feel?

MC: And what did they say?

RH: They were like, “Gina, you had your ass out?” I mean, it was a big deal for my brothers. 

MC: Yes, she did [laughs]. Yes. She. Did.

RH: It was a big deal for my brothers, but yeah, that was a thought that I had.

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