Shipfinex announces a Web3 Industry Veteran as its investor and

Over the past two months, Team Shipfinex attended 50+ events & meetups across different geographies. Shipfinex won the Regional Startup World Cup Championship organised by Pegasus Tech Ventures at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai. In the midst of an event spree, ShipFinex announced on Twitter the onboarding of Mr Ajeet Khurana as an investor and advisor.

Shipfinex meets many reputed advisors from different industries, investors, and known names in the industry to develop & expand a trusted board of advisors.

“We are thrilled to announce that Mr Ajeet Khurana, a leading name in the Web3 space and technology industry, has joined ShipFinex as an advisor and also as an investor” – a Media person from team ShipFinex added.

Mr. Khurana is the founder of Reflexical, a prominent web3 initiative, and the former head of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee at IAMAI, India’s foremost industry body for cryptocurrency. According to his CrunchBase profile, he is an investor in 15+ projects and an advisor to multiple top crypto projects. He is an alum of the University of Texas and the University of Mumbai. He brings a wealth of knowledge in guiding tech startups/businesses over 2 decades and expertise in tokenomics, guidance in fundraising and the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency projects He is the resident mentor at 500 Startups (a prominent venture capital firm with more than $2.7 billion in assets under management) & advisor to Polygon (Matic) . In addition, Mr Khurana is an experienced investor in well known projects such as ArtFi, Liminal and Shardeum in the web3 space.

Earlier, in his role as CEO of Zebpay (India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange then), he took it from being a one-country exchange to a global one. As CEO of the business incubator at IIT Bombay (India’s premier engineering school), he helped commercialize several ideas from the concept stage. As an advisor to Venture Capital firms in India, China, the US, and Canada, he has an eye for promising founders.

Still earlier, Mr. Khurana authored several books with McGraw-Hill Education, has been an entrepreneur twice and taught at the University of Texas at Austin.

At ShipFinex, Mr. Ajeet will provide valuable insights and guidance based on his extensive experience in the web3 industry.

Reflecting on this, Suraz Troy Kotakki, Co-Founder and CMO, added:

Shipfinex is on an important mission of creating & deploying the infrastructure layer and the financial tools that the multi-trillion dollar maritime industry needs such as Maritime Asset offering platform, decentralised market place for operational needs and a Maritime Payment infrastructure layer. Our project operates at the unique confluence of two massive trillion-dollar markets, i.e. Web3 and Maritime. We are the first movers in the Maritime asset tokenisation space. With Testnet of Shipfinex Asset offering platform launching soon, we are strengthened by Mr. Khurana’s arrival to the advisory board as his extensive experience and network will assist us in navigating towards our mission. The team & board of directors excitedly look forward to delivering on our project milestones with an expanded board of reputed advisors.

Mr Khurana stated:

The next wave of Web3 winners will come from stalwarts and deep domain experts. This is where ShipFinex will shine. With strong networks and understanding of the shipping industry, this team is ideally suited to win the maritime industry tokenizing game

About Shipfinex:

Shipfinex is tokenising maritime assets & simplifying investments, enabling Instant Payments & a Decentralised marketplace using defi & web3 technologies.

Capitalizing on the intersection of two massive trillion-dollar Shipping & Web3 Technology markets, ShipFinex is poised to create & capture massive value by creating new investment markets at the asset level, deep tech infrastructure at the base level & innovative global payment models.

These measures will solve the issue of liquidity crunch in the maritime industry. It will also drive operational efficiency by reducing /eliminating friction in the services marketplace (lack of trust, slow payments, etc.)

Shipfinex’s core proposition is enabling Sustainability and liquidity in the maritime sector by building trust across the globe between investors, businesses & stakeholders using Blockchain, Defi, AI & Web3 technologies.

Join ShipFinex as we build the future of Maritime and Web3

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About Reflexical:

Reflexical works with Web3 startups and helps them achieve their destiny. It also aggregates a community of the best minds in Web3. Reflexical is emerging as one of the most powerful Web3 communities with wide access, deep relationships in the industry, authority, recognition, track record.

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