Christian Horner sees Red Bull teammates Max Verstappen and


Red Bull boss Christian Horner feels that the relationship between Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen is quite decent heading into the 2023 F1 season.

The two drivers had a bit of a moment during the 2023 F1 Brazilian GP when Max Verstappen declined team orders from Red Bull. However, things came back to normal in the very next race at Abu Dhabi, where Max Verstappen did try to help Sergio Perez in securing P2 in the championship.

Autosport has released their Top 50 Drivers of 2022 list. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez came in at P1 and P18!

Talking to Speedcafe and answering if the relationship between the two drivers would have been better if things were more transparent to the public, Horner said:

“I think there’s certain things that your drivers have the right to discuss in private between themselves. Not every conversation has to be covered through digital media and so on. The drivers had a good conversation after the race in Brazil, the air was absolutely clear, you could see that by the time they’d arrived in Abu Dhabi. I think this has been a phenomenal pairing for Red Bull.”

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Horner expressed his joy at seeing the two succeed together and added:

“The success that they’ve achieved over the last couple of seasons, their joint performance – achieving our first Constructors’ World Championship this year, the first in nine years – has been a remarkable performance by both of them. And I’m sure [that] moving forward, they’re going to be delivering as they have done the last couple of seasons.”

Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are grown-ups: Christian Horner

Speaking about the relationship between the two drivers, Christian Horner said that both of them are grown-ups, and the team did not have to meddle in everything between the two:

“They’re both pretty grown-up individuals and they both have an open relationship with each other. So if ever there is an issue, it gets discussed, it gets put on the table and you talk it through. I think communication is always the best way to deal with any issue.”

Horner further stated:

“Sergio is an experienced guy, he’s been around a long time. Max [Verstappen is] very much a straight shooter as well, and the two of them have always enjoyed a decent relationship and I just see that continuing.”

A big part of Max Verstappen’s success in the last two seasons has been the supporting cast of Sergio Perez. It will be interesting to see if the relationship continues on the same trajectory or if there are noticeable changes in how things get done.

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