Debbie McGee ‘controlled’ Paul Daniels finances as she talks will

Debbie McGee spoke candidly about her grief after losing her husband Paul Daniels in 2016. The former Strictly Come Dancing star spoke candidly about navigating life alone.

The 64-year-old said her magician husband was not particularly interested in handling money.

Debbie insisted that Paul was more interested in entertaining his fans so left his daily finances to his wife.

Speaking about their marriage on the Let’s Talk About Grief podcast with Coleen Nolan in November, the former magician’s assistant dished on their life before Paul’s death.

“When you lose your partner your security goes,” Debbie commented. “Every decision you made was with that person. Luckily, I dealt with all the finances, I paid all of the bills for the house and everything.”

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Debbie was married to Paul for 28 years and was left devastated when she lost him after he died in 2016.

The two were a smash hit when they starred together on The Paul Daniels Magic Show, which ran on BBC One from 1979 to 1994 and boasted ratings of up to 17 million viewers.

Paul was previously married to his first wife Jacqueline Skipworth and had three sons together, but the pair divorced in 1975.

Meanwhile, Debbie revealed in October that she was auctioning off the late magician’s archive of illusions, costumes and props for £200,000 – six years after his death.

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