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I was in the wrong relationship.. Sensational information..

I was in the wrong relationship..! Sensational information..!

Actress anjali, who is known by fans as a talented actress in tamil cinema, has said that she was in an abusive relationship, causing a stir. Although actress anjali started her film career in the telugu film world, it was tamil cinema that brought out her talented acting. anjali started acting in tamil through film, followed by films such as ‘Angaadi Theru’, ‘Thoonga Nagaram’, ‘Engeyum Epodhum’, ‘Vattikuchchi’, and ‘Iraivi’, which became the most important films in her film career.
I was in the wrong relationship.. Sensational information..In this case, it was said that anjali was in love with Jai, who was introduced to her as a friend through the film ‘Engeyum Epodhum’, when she continued to act in films like ‘Enekku Vaaitha Adimaigal’ and ‘Balloon’. It was said that the romance failed in both of them published some questionable photos. In the meantime, it was said that actress anjali refused to accept film opportunities without focusing on the film industry for the past two years. While there are some rumors that the reason for this is that anjali is under the control of a producer, now for the first time, anjali has spoken about the toxic relationship ship in an interview given to the media which has caused a stir.I was in the wrong relationship.. Sensational information..Anjali said that the relationship was the wrong relationship as she was unable to focus on her career due to a relationship with a person. Also, actress anjali said that it is good to give importance to her acting career than the relationship that had hindered it. This information is currently being talked about a lot in the tamil and telugu film industries. And anjali refused to say who the person was.I was in the wrong relationship.. Sensational information..Actress anjali has not released any tamil films for the past two years, but now she is playing the lead role in ram Charan’s RC15 directed by shankar in tamil, telugu, and other languages.

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