Queen Margrethe marks golden jubilee with stunning new picture

The Danish royal family have released two new photographs of Queen Margrethe II with her sons and daughters in law, marking the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The royal is celebrating her 50th year on the throne. 

The Danish Queen, who is now Europe’s longest serving monarch and only reigning Queen, has had several low-key celebrations that have maintained a respect for her third cousin, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Earlier this month, she attended the Danish Church of St Katharine’s, located in Camden, London.

She has strong ties to the church where her parents King Frederik and Queen Ingrid visited during the premises inauguration. 

Margrethe, 82, has been widely appreciated for her artistic credentials. They include helping illustrations in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring’s and designing costumes and scenes for theatre productions.

She had originally planned to celebrate the occasion last January but her festivities had to be pulled back due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The glamorous Queen is also well respected by the Danish public for her devotion to the monarchy.

“Margrethe has approached her long reign with an extreme sense of duty,” Trine Villeman, an author and royal reporter told Vanity Fair last month.

“She truly believes that her position was given to her by God, and being a deeply religious person, she feels a huge sense of obligation.”

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