Australian Open ‘could be moved to China’ in Grand Slam shake-up


“We have spoken about (a possible poor crowd reaction) and he, as any athlete, would be concerned about it. But it’s one that he’s just doing the best that he can as a player,” Tiley told journalists. 

“There’s a great deal of respect for him as a player, as an athlete, and for what he’s achieved in the game and continues to achieve. And I think the Australian public and community appreciate that.”

He added: “With Novak, I have a great deal of confidence with respect to the Australian community, the sporting community, they do appreciate when they’re watching a nine-time champion, a great player,” Tiley said.

“He’s coming off 2022 having the best end of the season of any male player and he’s going to be difficult to beat. I’m relying on that confidence and you know, whatever happens, happens but I think there’s going to be a great appreciation of him coming back and playing the kind of tennis he’s playing.”


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