I Found Out Why Jamie Lee Curtis Has Been Saying She Invented

Mark Zuckerberg needs to speak on this.

For years now, Jamie Lee Curtis has claimed she invented Instagram.

And those claims have been bubbling up lately.

A clip of Jamie Lee saying she invented Instagram on a bunch of shows is also going viral:

Twitter: @willfulchaos

So, I did a little search and found out why she claims this…

“As soon as iPhones came out, and we started taking pictures, I thought I’m a photographer. So, I started something called ‘iphoneys at'”

“And it was photo sharing. All my friends who were photographers would send me the picture and I would upload it to my blogspot called iphoneys.”

“It was before Instagram, and you can look at it because of the date. It’s still up there!”

“Funny enough, the day that Instagram was announced they stopped.”

Well, that’s certainly a story.

So, do what you want with this information.

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