Royal Family praised by readers for keeping ‘dignified’ silence

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released their Netflix docuseries earlier this month, making a series of revelations about their life in the Firm and how they were treated. The Royal Family has not issued a statement or publicly spoken about the claims raised by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their six-part series. The Firm’s response has been praised by readers, with over three-quarters supporting their silence, a new poll has found.

John Goodman, CEO of John Goodman PR, told Forbes after the release of the first three episodes that silence is “probably the correct reaction” from the Firm. He explained: “Any comment from the Palace would just exacerbate the situation and call more attention to the film and Harry and Meghan’s charges against the Royal Family. 

“Preserving the institution and the crown is more important to King Charles and Prince William than addressing the accusations, which may or may not be true.”

King Charles III has also been warned that he will be in “real trouble” if he fails to contain the fallout of the allegations made by Harry and Meghan against the Royal Family. Royal author Christopher Andersen claimed that revelations towards the Prince of Wales’ aides could be interpreted as attacks on the monarchy.

Mr Andersen told Royally US: “I think any attack on William is going to be seen, because William is the heir, as an attack on the monarchy, an attack on Charles. And Charles is the person who’s got to keep this whole thing together.

“If this dog and pony show known as the monarchy is going to continue to thrive it’s only going to be because of Charles’ ability to navigate all of it. If he can’t, I think they’re in real trouble and it’s very, very damaging to the reputation of the monarchy.”

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In a poll that ran from 12.15pm on Wednesday, December 21, to 9am on Thursday, December 29, asked readers: “Should the Royal Family speak out in response to Harry and Meghan claims?”

A total of 8,775 readers cast their votes with the majority, 78 percent (6,877 people), answering “no” they should keep their silence.

Meanwhile, 20 percent (1,769 people) said “yes” they should speak out, and a further two percent (129 people) said they did not know either way.

In the hundreds of comments left below the accompanying article readers shared their thoughts on how the Royal Family should respond.

Others referenced the Firm’s mantra “never complain, never explain” in their comments, suggesting that the decision to remain silent satisfies this tight-lipped approach to public life.

However, some argued the Royal Family needed to speak out in the future. Username alexa10 explained: “Eventually something will have to be said if this nonsense continues!”

Username iandun said: “The Palace could respond in depth on a couple of the accusations.”

While username seashore girl said: “In less than three weeks, Harry’s book will be available. I think that King Charles wants a look at that first before making any decisions regarding the pair.”

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