Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan Had Real-Life Inspiration For

According to Jen Landon, Teeter deploying a body slam and an arm bite against a biker gang was based on a fight “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan witnessed in real life. Not only that, this fight Sheridan witnessed involved the person he partly based Teeter on. 

“They were based on a fight that Taylor had seen with this girl that Teeter is based on, so move for move, that’s where those came from,” Landon told Vegas Film Critic during an interview (via YouTube). In the same interview, she called shooting the third season fight scene her favorite day on set. 

Landon has spoken about Teeter’s real-life origins in the past, though the character sounds like a good mix of real life and fantasy. The actress revealed in a 2020 interview that Teeter’s signature pink hair is based on Sheridan’s inspiration, but details like chewing tobacco came from the actress’ audition (per Decider). 

The bikers of “Going to Cali” may have only been stopping by the world of “Yellowstone,” but they’re a pretty regular part of Sheridan’s work — along with the brawls they get into. For example, a gang of bikers acts as the primary antagonist of the first season of the Sheridan-created “Tulsa King.” And before the filmmaker ever put pen to paper, he was acting in a little series centered on biker outlaws called “Sons of Anarchy” (via Deadline). 

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