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After disappearing from the media spotlight for years, Peter Jackson has finally returned to relevancy. He’s created a TV series for Disney+ based around The Beatles. ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ has completely changed the public’s view of the band’s history. Many secrets were revealed, and the reasons for the band members going their separate ways has changed. All of this came from Peter being able to “coax” the living members of the band to assist him.

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It’s good that Peter has been shown in a positive light lately. Since his success with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he’s been a target of controversie due to some things. Most of all was his fumbling of the Hobbit trilogy, but he’s also feuded with various people and companies. One of which was Ryan Gosling. What exactly did they feud over?

What Started The Peter Jackson And Ryan Gosling Feud?

From the get go, Ryan and Peter have conflicting personalities. Ryan has a reputation for being a little awkward and moody. A perfect example is the time Ryan just shifted his mood when asked if he wanted to ever play Batman.

Robert Pattinson and Ryan Gosling
The Things

Then there’s Peter Jackson. The director of the defining fantasy movie trilogy based on the iconic Tolkien books, his personality is a little abrasive as well. He’s not rude, nor is he as awkward as Ryan, but he isn’t afraid of telling people how he feels. Only someone as confident and secure as him would be able to push a movie studio to let him spend 3 years on pre-production for a movie, as is what happened with ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’.

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Naturally, a confident director and a confident method actor have the potential to clash. It doesn’t happen often, but in this case, they clearly weren’t on the same page.

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The movie they worked on together was ‘The Lovely Bones’. It was released in 2009, although the beef between Peter and Ryan occurred in 2007. The movie was set to star Ryan Gosling alongside other A list actors such as Stanley Tucci and Saoirse Ronan. Since it’s a Peter Jackson film, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it falls under the Fantasy genre. The cinematography of the film paints it as a mature drama at first, but things eventually turn fantastical in a way only Peter could attempt to pull off.

What went wrong then? It had to do with creative differences involving Ryan’s character. Usually, Ryan’s method acting would make director’s ecstatic. He once relocated to a small town and built cabinets to prepare for ‘The Notebook’. Filmmakers and fans want an actor who’s willing to do anything to get into character, and 9 times out of 10 it works perfectly.

However, according to Just Jared, Ryan showed up to set a bit overweight. His character was supposed to be a depressed, grieving father, and to Ryan that was the best way to portray that characterization. Peter disagreed, and the two sides couldn’t settle on their differences.

Ryan has actually come out and denied that he was fired, which was a popular rumor following the events. Instead, he just walked away from the production, with Mark Wahlberg of all people to replace him.

What Happened To ‘The Lovely Bones’ After Ryan Gosling Left?

Peter has his hand on the pulse of what fans want. He’s proven this with the LOTR films, which really might be the greatest movie trilogy of all time. There have been failures too, though, such as the Hobbit Trilogy. The forgotten 2005 ‘King Kong’ starring Jack Black was also seen as a critical failure, although all of those films made their money back for the most part.

It seems that Peter didn’t quite have the same success with ‘The Lovely Bones’. With that being said, the movie made $93.6 million total at the box office, against a $65 million budget. Considering that the marketing doesn’t account for the $65 million, the movie was seen as a complete box office bomb.

How did the movie do critically, though?

Well, despite losing a wonderful actor like Ryan Gosling, the movie was praised for it’s acting. The effects were great, of course. Those two things usually aren’t problems in Peter’s films. The rest of the film was believed by many critics to have fallen apart due to its story and awkward tonal shifts. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a 32% approval rating from critics.

Did Peter Jackson And Ryan Gosling Ever Fix Their Issues With Each Other?

Are Ryan and Peter good with each other nowadays?

It’s kind of hard to tell. Ryan has been in many movies since then, and he hasn’t been asked about this debacle in the years since. Meanwhile, Peter followed up ‘The Lovely Bone’ instantly with the Hobbit trilogy, so he had his hands full as well.

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It doesn’t seem like there are any hard feelings. Ryan stated after he left the movie that his departure was due to “perky” creative differences, meaning neither one of them ever took it personally. The two should certainly have respect for one another, since they’ve both won numerous awards and have proven their talents.

Prince William (left) and Peter Jackson (right)
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As of right now, Ryan Gosling is working on the upcoming Barbie film, in which he stars as Ken. Peter is still reeling from ‘The Beatles: Get Back’, which took around 4 years to make.

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