Gentleman Jack link dropped into Happy Valley episode 1 by writer

“Ryan is now at an age to make his own decisions about his life and relationships and Catherine is on the brink of retirement.”

Actor Siobhan Finneran went on to address the show’s huge appeal, saying: “This is a really special one and people really talk to me over the past few years, ‘Do you know if you’re going to do another one?’

“And they talk about Catherine and Clare’s relationship but in a big way. It’s not the sort of thing they go, ‘Oh, I really love that show.’ They want to talk to me about it and about that relationship and what’s happened and what could happen.”

Finneran added: “So, in that respect it’s not like anything else I’ve ever done before.”

Happy Valley season 3 starts on BBC One on New Year’s Day at 9pm

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