Overwatch 2 Should Add These Call of Duty Features

Overwatch 2 may be hugely different from the Call of Duty franchise, but there are still a few things that it could take from the military FPS.

Though both find themselves in the first-person shooter genre, Overwatch 2 and Call of Duty could not be any more different. One is a vibrant hero shooter full of superheroes and fantastical locations, while the other is an arcade military shooter with intense campaigns and a mature tone. With Overwatch 2 dropping 6v6 gameplay for a 5v5 approach, one of the few other similarities between the two has faded away. Despite this, the games can still benefit from borrowing things from one another.


While Call of Duty could benefit from adding Operator conversations like those between the members of the Overwatch 2 cast, Overwatch 2 could satisfy fans by taking a few systems from Activision’s flagship franchise. Though it is unlikely that the following mechanics will actually come to the free-to-play title, they could rectify a few of the problems that players have been pointing out over the last few months.

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Bringing Call of Duty’s Challenge System To Overwatch 2


Currently, Overwatch 2’s biggest issue is a lack of progression. Nearly no unlockable cosmetics is a significant problem, as is the removal of account levels and the complaints about Overwatch 2’s current ranked system. Though it remains to be seen if Blizzard will adjust its leveling systems in response to the player feedback, it could instantly make the cosmetic system more appealing by introducing Call of Duty’s challenge system.

Call of Duty challenges come in several forms, and while daily and seasonal challenges have been added to Overwatch 2, camo challenges are nowhere to be seen. This is a genuine shame, as Call of Duty‘s camo grind is one of the main reasons that so many players end up sinking hours into every game. Whether they are trying to go for a specific pattern or unlock everything for a mastery camo like Dark Matter, players have plenty of weapon skins to gather in each release. As such, camo challenges could be the perfect way to push players to stick with Overwatch 2, and they feel long overdue since there is still only one camo that gamers are able to unlock.

Though gold camo is still a competitive reward in Overwatch 2, other camo patterns could be unlocked through gameplay. For instance, players could unlock camos for their favorite heroes by getting kills with their primary weapons, using specific abilities like Genji’s deflect effectively, or getting multi-kills with damage-dealing Ultimates. Additionally, challenges could play on how certain characters counter other heroes, with Blizzard asking players to kill 5 Genjis as Winston. A challenge system could make name plates unlockable, too, with players needing to do things like have the least amount of deaths in 10 matches or finish with the most healing done in 20 games. With a system already existing that lets players obtain profile icons for hero wins, extending that system to include new reward types and calling card challenges like CoD seems doable.

Bringing Map Voting to Overwatch 2

blizzard world overwatch map featured

Though the series has moved away from it in recent years, map voting is a classic Call of Duty feature that allowed all the players in a lobby to decide which map they played on. Players could choose between an old map, choose to replay a map, or in some installments pick a classified option to skip both locations and play on a random map instead. Overwatch 2 could implement some variation of this system. For instance, as soon as a match is found, all players could be asked to choose between one of three maps to play on. Additionally, if a Control map is chosen, players could get to pick which of the three locations they start with. For those that dislike the Ilios well and Roadhog’s hooks, for example, being able to save it for last could help certain teams thrive.

Map voting would take some effort for Blizzard to implement, as there is currently no pre-game lobby screen like Call of Duty, but it could be worth the effort. Players have talked about map pools growing stale thanks to Overwatch 2‘s seasonal rotation, so adding every map back to the game and letting players decide how much variety there is through voting could be a solid solution. Bringing back account leveling that functions like Call of Duty’s iconic prestige system would be welcome, too, and many would appreciate it if Overwatch 2’s battle pass was reworked to include premium currency like Call of Duty’s. A Richochet-like anti-cheat system that detects smurfs could also prove useful. Though there is plenty that Overwatch 2 does better than Call of Duty, and the franchises have different target audiences, both being under the Activision Blizzard umbrella makes it possible for them to pull from one another.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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