Plane horror as ‘rude passenger’ furious at mum with ‘delightful’

“My son has always been a wonderful traveller and my partner and I are always prepared with all the things he needs to be comfortable and be as entertained as possible whilst on board. We are lucky that my son has never cried or fussed on a flight and didn’t on this one,” she explained.

As far as she was concerned, the woman said, her son was being a “delightful passenger”. However, at one point “he took an interest in the cup holder on the seat in front and pulled this down”.

After he did this twice, his father stopped him by distracting him with a game, “not before I saw the man in the seat in front literally wincing and telling his wife ‘see, I’m going to say something’.”

The woman continued: “In fact, every time my son spoke (I’m talking saying the word ‘snack,’ ‘Peppa’ for his cuddly toy or repeating words in the book) the man would physically wince. His wife would then tell him to ‘leave it, just leave it’. Well, he didn’t leave it.”

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By Andrea Blazquez

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