The Vampire Diaries: 8 Memes That Sum Up Klaus & Stefan’s


The hit supernatural teen drama The Vampire Diaries is renowned for its mystical elements and unforgettable characters. Such beloved names as Klaus Mikaelson and Stefan Salvatore immediately pique interest among the devoted fanbase, conjuring up plenty of nostalgic memories.

Throughout multiple seasons of The Vampire Diaries and appearances in the successful spin-off series The Originals, the distinctive nuances of Klaus and Stefan’s relationship would be tangibly felt by the receptive viewing audience and wonderfully adapted into memes.


The “Rippah” Arc

As the primary storyline between Klaus and Stefan in The Vampire Diaries, the Ripper arc features an excellent exhibition of the chaotic relationship shared by Klaus and Stefan. In the season 2 episode “As I Lay Dying,” Stefan exchanges his subservience to Klaus for the antidote to the lycanthropic curse sustained by his brother Damon.

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Of course, Klaus’ malicious machinations require a certain indifference toward pain and suffering; thus, he needs the infamous “Ripper of Monterey” by his side. After begrudgingly turning off his humanity to save his brother, Stefan starts a downward decline seeing him arrive at arguably his lowest point in The Vampire Diaries, a fact not lost on observant fans.

Beauty And The Beast

The famous monsters of legend, vampires and werewolves, naturally fill the role of the feared Beast. With The Vampire Diaries supplying a plethora of Beauty, it was inevitable that erudite fans would create parallels to this age-old tale and their favorite series.

Drawing favorable comparisons between the primary brother duo in The Vampire Diaries, Klaus, the main antagonist, exemplifies the robust, protective Beast. Conversely, Stefan represents the understanding, almost nurturing nature of ‘beauty’ looking to draw out the morally virtuous inner beauty of the ‘Beasts,’ like the villainous Katherine.

Old Pals

When Klaus originally arrived in The Vampire Diaries, Stefan acted as though he had never been acquainted with the plot resilient hybrid Original. However, Klaus later reveals that he and Stefan shared a brotherly bond in the Roaring Twenties.

Done creatively through flashbacks in “The End of the Affair,” fans were treated to a telling look at Klaus’ power and manipulative capabilities. Additionally, the fraternal way Klaus came to view Stefan was akin, in ways, to the relationship he shared with Marcel. “The End of the Affair” would also plant a seed for the Klaus and Stefan ship, “Klefan.” This meme feeds into that part of the fandom, creating an imagined scenario that’s reflective of the pair’s relationship.

They Were Loved By The Fandom

As two of the most endearing and loved characters in The Vampire Diaries universe, it is tragically apropos that both meant their eventual ends. One of the most hotly debated topics in The Vampire Diaries community, and any other fanbase that deals with the termination of a character(s), is the creative choices made by creators regarding the characters’ fate.

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While significant character deaths give consequence and finality to a series, it doesn’t lessen the sting many fans feel. However, this cut-to-the-quick is only exacerbated by the creative choices made, leaving certain less beloved characters alive, much to the dismay of Klaus and Stefan fans.

True Battle For The Hearts Of Fans

Complete with two of the most significant fan followings in The Vampire Diaries, Klaus and Stefan competed with each other from the beginning for the adoration of the fans.

With such a stark contrast in personalities, fans should have an easier time identifying with a preferred supernatural. Whether that be Stefan, the romantic, caring introvert or Klaus, the dominant, action-oriented Original. Still, with such endearing performances from both Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan, some fans have a difficult time choosing between the two.

Caroline Loves, Klaus Saves

As a love interest of both Klaus and Stefan at different times during The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was the figurative anchor for both characters. One of the most jested elements of the The Vampire Diaries series was Caroline’s influence over Klaus. Indeed, Klaus’s penchant for stubbornness and intentional disobedience seemingly dissipates under his affection for Caroline.

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Nowhere is this more apparent than in the season 7 episode “Moonlight on the Bayou.” On the run from the huntress Rayna Cruz, Stefan seeks refuge in the Crescent City. But, after a heated exchange with Klaus ends, he forsakes Stefan, only to save him at the behest of his true love, Caroline.

Nothing Shows Love Like Nicknames

Almost as prevalent as the characters themselves, the nicknames Klaus gives to various characters throughout The Vampire Diaries resonate with the passionate community. As an Original, Klaus’ enhanced lifespan necessitated the use of these nicknames.

As The Vampire Diaries continued and love for Klaus grew, so did the love for the nicknames he gave to those around him. As a result, the utterance of names and phrases, like his infamous “Rippah” designation for Stefan, will consistently reverberate among passionate The Vampire Diaries fans – as well as serving as a reminder of the violent history shared by Klaus and Stefan.

An Epic Bromance

Upon first meeting in the 20th century, Klaus and Stefan exhibited numerous similarities and went from brothers to enemies to uneasy frienemies. However, the number of characters Klaus has respected enough to call brother (and mean it) is an exclusive list.

Throughout their ups and downs, Klaus and his ‘brother’ Stefan would bond over their irresistible desire to protect loved ones. Yet, of all the fan-created The Vampire Diaries ships, the ‘Klefan’ bromance remains one of the most enduring homages to these Goliaths of The Vampire Diaries universe.

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