Tipping Point backlash as viewers blast ‘painful’ final

Ben Shephard was back on Friday to front a new series of ITV’s Tipping Point. The game show saw three players battling it out, but only one made the final round. However, some fans vented their frustrations during the final after the winner opted out of the chance to take home the grand prize of £10,000. Some viewers were unimpressed by the safety-first approach of the contestant.

Despite the return of new editions of Tipping Point, viewers expressed their disappointment at the conclusion of Friday’s show.

Instead of going for the total amount of £10,000, Hassan rejected the chance of three counters to see the star prize fall into the drop zone.

He instead took home £3450 and a luxury hamper and decided to take his family to Disneyland.

Before his big decision, the contestant said: “I’d be really tempted if the jackpot counter was where those two black counters are – right over the edge.

“I am a risk taker but that amount of money for my kids to get to Disneyland will help massively.”

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He continued: “I would regret trading it and not winning and walking away without the money.”

Once the trade was rejected, Ben reassured the dad and said: “That will certainly get you some way, if not all the way for that Disneyland trip.”

After they ran through the three counters and their resulting drops, his decision was vindicated.

A relieved Hassan admitted: “I made the right decision”, to which Ben replied: “It got close but you made the right decision.”

Zane wrote: “I’m falling asleep here! The Chase and Bradley can’t come soon enough!! #tippingpoint.”

SenorApple added: “Well, that was enjoyable (not). Let’s meet up shortly for a pre New Year’s #TheChase, alright? #TippingPoint”

S Hair commented: “Been too clever and therefore a bit irritating for me; am I the only one wanting him to need to gamble at the end and it not come in? #tippingpoint.”

There were more forgiving fans of the decision not to trade and some praised his approach.

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