Ukraine called on Russians to avoid mobilization at all cost

Ukraine has warned Russians to avoid any mobilisation this New Year in order to “save their lives”. The Ukraine Minister of Defence Oleksii Reznikov released an online video in which he warned that martial law will be declared and in early January, closing the Russian border.

He warned the Russians that their leadership is preparing for a new “wave” of mobilisation and planning to close the borders within a week.

Mr Reznikov said: “On the eve of New Year, I want to address the citizens o Russia who are liable for military service.

“First of all, this concerns the residents of big Russian cities. I know for sure that you have about one week in which there is atleast some choice left.

“In early January, the Russian authorities will close the border for men, then declare martial law and begin another wave of mobiliziation.

“The borders will also be closed in Belarus.”

He further spoke how the families’ festive season will be ruined with the military officers “knocking” their doors.

He said: “Today you are thinking on how to decorate your festive table and are making plans for the future.

“But under the chiming clock, you may not hear a knock on the door.

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He said: “ Ten months ago your leadership and propagandists on TV said that certain goals of the so-called ‘special militiary operation’ exists.

“And that everything goes as planned. But now they are keeping quiet about it. Because they will have to admit one of the two following things.

“First, according to their own plan: for the first time in a hundred years, a flagship of the Russian fleet was destroyed. Long-range aircraft explode at the airfields deep inside Russian territory. Irrevocable losses of the Russian army are over 100,000 people.

“To make up for these losses, one wave of mobilization has already been carried out. Although in summer, they categorically denied that it would take place. And then deceived you.

“According to this ‘very’ plan, tens of thousands of convicts are recruited in jails to a private military company.

“The owner of this company is allowed to wipe his feet on regular Russian military servicemen. Meanwhile, ordinary people get thrown to jail for ‘discrediting the army’.”

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