Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha, 58, strips to bra in ‘relatable’

Nadia began the clip by showing a slim model doing up her jeans before lounging on a leather armchair. 

In contrast, Nadia showed herself wearing only her bra as she attempted to do up her jeans.

After a few moments of wriggling around, she then attempted to pull up her jeans on her sofa, before eventually giving up and collapsing onto it. 

“Relate?” she captioned the hilarious clip, alongside the hashtag “riots not diets”.

Her fellow celebs were quick to agree, with Loose Women co-star Katie Piper writing: “All of us right now”.

A follower named Amanda commented, “Too relatable right now,” with laughing emojis, while a fan named Nicola added: “Keeping it real as always! Brilliant!”

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