GP surgery waiting room ‘trashed’ by patient in rampage

A GP surgery waiting room has been trashed by a patient leaving chairs overturned and leaflets strewn over the floor. Dr Shehla Imtiaz-Umer from Wilson Street Surgery in Derby took to Twitter to share pictures following the incident on Thursday.

The patient allegedly carried out the damage after being refused medication.

Dr Imtiaz-Umer said it was a “miracle” that no one was hurt.

She tweeted: “The anti-GP violence, abuse and aggression continue unabated.

“This is our waiting room at Wilson Street Surgery after a patient trashed it.

“Negative media narrative, anti-GP rhetoric, unrelenting demand and unrealistic expectations leads to this level of violence. Where will it end?

“Instead of caring for patients, we have to plan security for our patients’ and colleagues’ safety.

“Unacceptable for anyone to have to work under these circumstances with escalating attacks.

“It was a miracle that no one was physically harmed. Who or what will stop this?”

The police were called but the man had left before they arrived.

Dr Imtiaz-Umer said staff at the practice had needed to sound a panic alarm four times in the last month due to confrontations with patients.

She told the BBC: “This was the most extreme of the aggressive behaviours we have had to try and de-escalate.

“We are an inner city practice but that’s no excuse for increased aggression or violence towards our staff.

“Our receptionists face a relentless amount of verbal abuse and vitriol from patients.”

Derbyshire Police said they were called to the surgery just before 1.45pm on Thursday to reports a man had been abusive and caused damage to the waiting area.

The force added that the man has been identified and they are looking to speak to him.

A spokesman said: “No one has reported being physically hurt during the incident. Inquiries are being carried out and officers are attempting to speak to the man, who has been identified. At this time, it is believed this is an isolated incident.”

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