Here’s When & How to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 Mid-Season Finale

The episode is shaping up to be one of the most dramatic yet.

Those who’ve been waiting impatiently for Yellowstone Season 5 mid-season finale will have a chance to enjoy it very soon – on New Year’s Day, January 1.

Episode 8 titled A Knife And No Coin will be available on Paramount Network cable channel at 8 PM Eastern / 7 PM Central time, so make sure you have access and tune it to watch the premiere.

If you have no traditional cable, you can subscribe to an online service’s cable package. Keep in mind that this is the only other option to watch the episode live as it debuts. You can also watch the episode after it is released. The cheapest way is to buy it on a streaming platform such as Amazon Prime, iTunes or Vudu. It will be certainly cheaper than buying a cable subscription.

Since the episode is going to be the final one the fans should definitely get rewarded with intense moments, jaw-dropping and epic scenes. What should we brace ourselves for?

In a thread on Reddit the Yellowstone series fans keep sharing their ideas on which direction the show will go based on the trailer, which has recently been released. In the trailer cowboys are shown moving a body. So, whose body could it be? Some redditors believe that this is Jamie’s dad!

One of the commenters argues that it could well be part of the flashback of Rip taking Rowdy to the train station for the first time – and the person looks bald, which suggests it really is Jamie’s dad. One of the cowboys is sporting a light hat – an indication that it could be Carter or young Rip because this is so characteristic of them.

Others say that it’s Rip, Lloyd, and John dumping Rowdy and it’s thrown in there like some sort of bait to confuse the audience and make fans think it could be John or Jamie. One of the fans recalls that we have already seen Jamie disposing of his father’s body in Season 4 finale. Then if you do simple math you’d get close to 9 months since Jamie killed him. The fact is that there wouldn’t be much of a body left to move in this case.

There’s also a question if Jamie and Sarah will make any headway in their quest to stop John Dutton. And what about cattle moving down south?

There are so many ways the events could develop in the mid-season finale – just wait for a couple of days and don’t forget to tune in to watch it!

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