John Lennon’s Aunt Flew Into a Violent Rage Because He Bought His

John Lennon was raised by his Aunt Mimi, and, by many accounts, the pair had a complicated relationship. Lennon’s first wife, Cynthia, witnessed their dynamic. She noted one experience in particular when Lennon bought her a new coat. His aunt was so upset that she began throwing things at the couple. Cynthia shared the way this impacted Lennon.

A black and white picture of John Lennon wearing sunglasses and playing guitar.
John Lennon | Harry Benson/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

John Lennon was raised by his aunt

Lennon was born in 1940 to his mother, Julia, and father, Alfred. His parents eventually ended their relationship, and after his Aunt Mimi complained to Social Services about Julia twice, Julia gave her custody of Lennon. According to his bandmates, Lennon’s life with Mimi was more “posh” than the rest of The Beatles’ upbringings.

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