Meghan Markle ‘set to release her own memoir’ in fresh onslaught

Lady Susan Hussey will reportedly be invited to King Charles’s coronation ceremony in May.

It comes after the late Queen’s lady-in-waiting resigned from her honorary role after asking Ngozi Fulani, founder of domestic abuse charity Sistah Space, where she was “really from” at a Buckingham Palace reception last month.

The pair have since met with Lady Susan giving a personal apology which Ms Fulani accepted.

A source said: “Lady Susan received private support from friends during the aftermath of what happened. Some politely canvassed the suggestion Lady Susan should be made welcome at the coronation.

“It was pointed out the many years of service and duty she gave the Queen, to whom she was a loyal confidante.

“With relations now smoothed over between Buckingham Palace and Ms Fulani, the King is now able to extend an invitation to Lady Susan.”

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