SEAL Team season 7 theory: Jason to step down as Bravo 1

“And I think he’s, for the first time, really comfortable with the idea that maybe he won’t operate again,” Spencer added to TV Insider. 

However, this could be the case for the entire Bravo team as Jason’s revelation encouraged the others to open up about their mental health struggles.

While Jason was in a tense meeting with Command, Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr) interrupted to “amend” his statement and revealed he had been suffering from PTSD since kidnapped and held captive in season four. 

Just when he was dismissed all the solider including Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley), Brock Reynolds (Justin Melnick) and Trent (Tyler Grey) unveiled their impairments. 

These ranged from headaches, tinnitus, breacher syndrome, insomnia, blurry vision and memory loss. 

SEAL Team seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Paramount+ in the USA.

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