The Beatles ALMOST Reunited After Split? What the Members Thought

The Beatles’ fans left everyone heartbroken with the band’s unexpected breakup. But did the members ever want to reconcile and try making music together again?

A decade after debuting and becoming one of the greatest bands in history, The Beatles’ members made a tough decision to part ways and focus on their individual endeavors. Even after they split, they attempted reunions in the 1970s, although John Lennon and Paul McCartney often targeted each other as they could not work with each other again.

Amid their legal battles, they tried reuniting again. However, the attempts failed due to different reasons.

With their desire to reunite, did The Beatles members truly want to become a band again?

What The Beatles Members Thought About Reunion

In separate interviews, the four members of The Beatles – Lennon, McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr – shared different sentiments about the potential Fab Four reunion.

For Lennon’s part, he responded to McCartney’s interview (via Examiner) in which he revealed why the band never reunited after breaking up in 1970.

According to the late musician, he initially thought of not going back to The Beatles. But after a while, he suddenly had “why not?” thoughts.

“It’s never got to a position where each one of us has wanted to do it at the same time…the other question is ‘would it be worth it?’ That would be answered if we wanted to do it. If we wanted to do it, then it’d be worth it,” Lennon said.

A year later, Harrison said the members were leading their own lives already. He explained that, if they wanted to do it, they had to do it personally and not because they desired to earn more money. The Beatles members should reportedly do it because they wanted to be together as people before wanting to reunite because of music.

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In 1980, McCartney said Lennon – whom he always had beef with – would never be interested to be in the group again. Instead of Fab Four, McCartney usually played with Harrison and Starr instead without their other former band member.

Unfortunately, the highly-anticipated reunion became more impossible following Lennon’s death.

Starr, on the other hand, believed The Beatles would have still reunited if Lennon was not murdered. He told Mirror that, while they had different lives already, there was still a huge possibility they would play together again if they were still complete.

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