The One Show viewers slam show for ‘romanticising’ pensioners

On Thursday’s instalment of BBC’s The One Show, hosts Alex Jones and Roman Kemp welcomed Dragon Den’s Sara Davies and Peter Jones and The Masked Singer’s Joel Dommett. During the show. However, before speaking to their celebrity panel, the show highlighted how many people over the age of 66 can’t afford to live off of their state pension.

Introducing the segment, viewers were informed that many elderly people have no other choice but to go back to work due to their state pension not covering their finances because of the cost of living crisis.

In a pre-recorded clip, people were shown four women over the age of 66 who have returned to work in order to survive.

One of those included a lady called Karen who is having to work three cleaning jobs in order to pay her bills and confessed she may have to ask for another due to lack of funds.

When the item had cut back to presenters Alex and Roman in the studio, the hosts applauded the work ethic that the pensioners were bringing to their jobs.

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Although many viewers were less than impressed with how the show highlighted the issue with many slamming the way it was covered.

Eleanor453 said: “What a patronising and onesided view of pensioners having to work beyond retirement in the UK. In the rest of EU pension levels are sufficient to enable people to enjoy their retirements, not have to work until they die like in UK now #TheOneShow”

Gorgeousuk slammed: “Normalising hard-strapped pensioners having to go back to work (and hard-graft and low paid work) to make ends meet risking their health is really deplorable #theoneshow”

Mummyandmoose commented: “Please don’t try to romanticize pensioners being forced to go back out to work because this countries government is not looking after them. Absolutely fucking appalling #TheOneShow”

Twitter user FunDisney3 added: “#TheOneShow Doing a piece on poverty forcing older people to “work til they drop” then in the studio going on about how great this is! Not reading the room – this was about poverty-level pensions forcing people to work!”

AlexCoppocBunce swiped: “#TheOneShow nudging us oldies back to work till we drop. Bad enough we had to wait 6 more years for our state pension than we were promised. The government don’t like people not being productive despite the tax we pay. Many of us are burned out at 55.”

Joshcm21 said: “Then the two people of Dragons Den romanticising it. Seriously? A 75yr old wouldn’t be working in Maccies full time every week unless they had to. #TheOneShow

Although the segment showed pensioners having no other option to return to work, it also featured an 82-year-old woman called Pat who told the show she enjoyed working.


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Speaking in a clip, the pensioner admitted she has no plans to retire anytime soon and will continue to work at a fast food chain for as long as she’s able to.

Pat revealed she does 22,000 steps a day and told The One Show that she loves her job.

After hearing about each of the women’s stories, Alex Jones spoke to Dragon Den stars Sara Davies and Peter Jones about their commitment to work.

She said: “That was brilliant in many ways, wasn’t it? The work ethic that those women were bringing to their workplace, fantastic.”

Agreeing, Sara told the two presenters that Peter’s dad is still going to work at his company at the age of 88.

Speaking about his father, Peter said: “He still comes in, he comes in at about three or five in the afternoon, but he comes in every day.

“You’re right it’s nice to see because of all the experience that they bring, I think it’s fantastic.”

The One Show continues weekdays on BBC One from 7pm.

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