Wednesday’s 10 Biggest Mistakes In Netflix’s Wednesday

Jenna Ortega masterfully brought the iconic Wednesday Addams to life in the recent Netflix series Wednesday. The latest installment in The Addams Family franchise was a huge hit. It has garnered immense popularity, becoming one of Netflix’s biggest shows ever.

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Wednesday is expelled from her school in the series and has to attend a school for outcasts instead. She is a bold character with a stern expression and an adoration for black clothing. However, the harsh exterior and confidence don’t mean Wednesday is always right — quite the opposite, as she is young in the series, bound to make mistakes, and frequently does.

10/10 Wednesday Pushes People Away

Wednesday pushes people away, thinking that she is perhaps better off alone. But what she only realizes nearer the end of the series is that she does need other people, and she can rely on them without the world ending.

Wednesday has not-very-well-hidden anger toward her mother. She is seemingly mad at her because she believes her mother is trying to mold her into someone she isn’t and to follow in her footsteps. However, it doesn’t seem that Morticia is pushing Wednesday at all. She makes a mistake in not opening up to her mother about her gifts and allowing her to help.

9/10 Wednesday’s Piranha Revenge Was Cruel

Jenna Ortega's Wednesday, standing over a pool and holding two bags of piranhas aloft in Wednesday.

Getting expelled from her previous school did mean that Wednesday could attend Nevermore, a school she was destined to be at. However, dropping piranhas in a pool full of students sounds like a pretty huge mistake and a wild decision.

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It was a big leap from getting justice for Pugsley to potentially killing a large group of students. Dropping the piranhas in there could’ve ended many lives, and while it did achieve what she wanted (revenge), it was a huge step in a very scary direction.

8/10 Xavier Catches Wednesday Lurking

Percy Hynes White as Xavier, a popular Nervermore student in Wednesday.

Wednesday believed herself to be a great snoop, but she fell short when she was quickly caught by Xavier when she lurked by his art studio shed. This was a big mistake because she believed him to be the monster and was then caught red-handed by him.

In making this error, Wednesday then has to fall on her sword and do what she really didn’t want to do: ask Xavier to be her date to the dance. Even worse still, Xavier figures out that Wednesday didn’t actually want to go with him, and the situation becomes even more awkward for them both.

7/10 Wednesday Accuses Xavier Of Being The Monster

Xavier Thorpe from Wednesday.

Wednesday struggles to determine who the monster is. The monster is killing people, but it also saves her life and spares her. Clearly, it is not targeting Wednesday and wants to keep her alive, so the question is why.

The problem is that Wednesday begins pointing the finger at Xavier. He has numerous pieces of art depicting the monster as he saw it and began drawing it from memory. But that doesn’t make Xavier guilty. In fact, it makes him a victim. And Wednesday makes a huge mistake in believing it to be him.

6/10 Wednesday’s Treatment Of Dr. Kinbott​​​​ Is Detrimental

Wednesday's therapist, Dr. Kinbott, in Wednesday.

Dr. Valerie Kinbott is the therapist Wednesday is sent to by her school, Weems in particular, due to the piranha incident at her last school. It is deemed necessary for Wednesday to seek professional help, and Dr. Kinbott is nothing but nice and helpful toward Wednesday.

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Wednesday’s first mistake is not taking the sessions seriously, as it seems that Valerie could be of real help. The second is when she wrongfully believes Kinbott to be the Hyde’s handler and accuses her. Wednesday believes she is Laurel Gates with little evidence connecting her to the crimes, and, unfortunately, Valerie is killed by the Hyde shortly after.

5/10 Wednesday Lies To Enid & Tyler

Wednesday and Tyler have a romance in Wednesday.

When Wednesday, Enid, and Tyler go to the Gates house, Wednesday lies to Enid and Tyler about what the evening would actually entail. Both thought Wednesday was going to spend individual time with them, but she had made that up to get them to join her.

While Tyler does turn out to be the Hyde, Enid had done nothing wrong and didn’t deserve to be lied to. It was a mistake because if Wednesday had just been honest and asked, it is likely that they would’ve both agreed to help, especially Enid, as she is a very loyal friend.

4/10 Wednesday Risks Other People’s Lives

Wednesday Addams snaps her fingers during a scene in Wednesday.

Not only was the lying a mistake on Wednesday’s part, but so was where she took Tyler and Enid. Bringing her two closest friends at that point to the Gates house risked her own life and theirs, as they didn’t know who or what lurked there.

It was a massive mistake to risk lives when so many people had already died. Wednesday led them somewhere she believed the monster could be, as she knew there was a connection between the Gates and their home. It may have been a risk worth taking if it solved the mystery, but it didn’t.

3/10 Wednesday Mistreated Enid

Enid with her nails out in Wednesday.

Wednesday nearly lost her relationship with Enid due to her mistreatment. Leading her to the Gates house under false pretenses and manipulating her into staying was a terrible move, but Wednesday takes it even further by not understanding Enid’s issue with her behavior, and Wednesday should’ve apologized.

The lack of accountability is a real issue. Wednesday was too focused on solving the mystery and didn’t take a moment to look around and realize that perhaps she does need other people and their help, and she should thank them for being there for her.

2/10 Wednesday Has Xavier Arrested

Ajax and Xavier in Wednesday.

Not only does Wednesday wrongfully assume the monster is Xavier, but she also actually plays a big part in his arrest. While Xavier is in prison because of her, the real monster and its handler roam free.

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Having Xavier locked up undoubtedly causes a rift between him and Wednesday because it is then clear to him that she thinks him capable of hurting people and killing them. The trust between them is broken, and Wednesday is quickly proven wrong as Tyler admits to his crimes. Xavier being the prime suspect and in prison takes all the heat away from anybody else, as they believe the monster is in custody, which only makes the situation worse for everybody else.

1/10 Wednesday Pushes Enid Away & Underestimates Her

Enid and Wednesday in Wednesday.

Enid and Wednesday are a great example of opposites attract, as they are completely different people who come together and have a really wonderful dynamic and friendship. It is difficult for Wednesday, however, as she hasn’t had friends before and doesn’t seem to want any.

Wednesday underestimates Enid just because she is interested in typical teenager stuff, and she judges Enid for her music taste, enjoyment of rainbows and color, and for her sunshine personality. It is Wednesday’s mistake in understating Enid’s potential, as she ends up saving Wednesday. Lesson learned: don’t take Enid for granted.

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