Fired B&Q worker banned from all shops after filming explicit

Adam later admitted his heart was racing as he burnt his bridges with the company, before leaving the shop for the last time.

He claimed he was sacked for vaping outside the designated smoking area.

The 18-year-old added he “acted irrationally” as he believed other staff had done the same thing and hadn’t lost their jobs.

Some commenters joked that they wished they could follow in his footsteps, while some remarked that his bizarre final act “justified” the decision to fire him.

Brushing off the ban, Adam said he “doesn’t shop there regularly anyway.”

The aspiring personal trainer did admit however that he regretted his viral rant, as future employers could see the video, remarking: “If a company sees it then they might think I’m that sort of person but I’m good at my job and [in] the moment I got a bit heated.”

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Adam said “a joke is a joke and you can either take offence to it or you don’t. It was directed to staff in a sense but it wasn’t malicious.”

The video of his stunt, which he had captioned “got fired so left with style”, attracted a massive 180,000 likes and 1,600 comments before TikTok removed it yesterday morning.

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