BBC viewers slam Naga Munchetty for ‘car crash’ Ed Milliband

“This is the thing, we are faced with a problem, you heard from Gemma there, £100 a week, she can’t afford that sum of money. Someone has to pay it.”

Viewers took to Twitter to slam the presenters’ approach to the interview.

@Outspok03350812 said: “Patronising Miliband car crash interview over energy bills, Labour MP embarrassing himself. #BBCBreakfast.”

@HughEdw31897368 wrote: “Naga Munchetty saying we have to be careful with language. Defending energy companies is not a good look BBC.

“Pre payment meters are the biggest scam going with users on some of the highest tariffs. It’s time to renationalise all the energy suppliers. #bbcbreakfast”

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