The Masked Singer – Fans expose Cat and Mouse Spice Girl clue

The Masked Singer saw the first six contestants perform in the premiere episode on New Year’s Day with the remaining six the following Saturday night. During the first half, fans were introduced to Cat and Mouse who sang Anything You Can I Do (I Can Do Better) by Irving Berlin. It was during this segment of the ITV show that fans felt they started to clock on who could be behind both the masks after a major clue.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Masked Singer.

There were a plethora of clues for Cat and Mouse but as there are two of them, it means twice as much work in trying to figure out their identities.

One theory which has caught the most attention is that Mouse is a member of the iconic 1990s band Spice Girls.

In particular, fans have been linking the clues to none other than Geri Horner with Cat as her husband Principal of Red Bull Racing, Christian Warner.

A Reddit user has gone into scrupulous detail to try and back up this theory.

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Theoriss explained: “One of the most famous cat and mouse pairs is Tom & Jerry – Jerry sounds the same as Geri.

“Mouse is shown with five jars of spice, suggesting the Spice Girls. Only one jar is labelled with the nickname of a Spice Girl – Ginger.

“Mouse says ‘it’s him who can spin out a tale’.

“Racing drivers (which CH was before becoming team principal at the Red Bull Formula One team) may spin out.

“And ‘He’s going to have to be fast if he wants to catch me’. Obviously, racing drivers are fast.”

But there were a number of other names thrown into the ring, including fellow former Spice Girl Emma Button and her husband Damage singer Jade Jones.

A clue which pointed to this married duo was the riddle: “I’m on the case, I’m not afraid, you stole the cheese, and some jade.”

On the flip side, some are guessing that it could be ex-Spandau Ballet band member Martin Kemp and his wife Shirlie Kemp who was a backing singer for WHAM!.

The Queen Victoria picture could have been a reference to Martin’s time as villain Steve Owen in EastEnders.

Another claimed there was a link to a Spandau Ballet song as well, stating: “The first thing mouse did was steal the cheese, SB has a song called steal.”

They continued: “‘No stranger to legalities’ would be a judge. Martin has been a judge on many things like Let It Shine.”

Explaining the Spice Girls reference, another added: “Also Shirley was a backup singer for Ginger Spice’s song Bag It Up (another Spice Girls link).”

Only time and more clues will tell who could really be behind Cat and Mouse after all.

The Masked Singer continues every Saturday night at 8pm on ITV.

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