Sugar Apple Fairy Tale: Episode 3 Reveals Jonas’ True Character


While Jonas first appears to be a hopeless romantic with unrequited feelings for Anne, he finally shows his true colors in Episode 3.

While Sugar Apple Fairy Tale looks sweet on the outside, not everything is as it seems in this fantasy shojo series. As Anne continues preparing to compete for the title of Silver Sugar Master, Jonas reveals his true self, showing that he is not the soft-hearted, love-struck companion he portrays himself to be.

When Jonas first appears to Anne Halford in Episode 1, he unabashedly declares his feelings for Anne, asking her to marry him. From his interactions with Anne, his character seems to follow the childhood-friend-with-unrequited-feelings trope. Though she brushes him off, Jonas continues to pursue her, catching up with her and Challe on the way to the capital and joining their traveling party. He remains firm on his feelings, yet he appears respectful, never pushing Anne too hard. However, Episode 3 unmasks Jonas, showing how ruthless and conniving he truly is.

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Jonas Finally Shows His Dark Side to Anne

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale ep 3 Jonas attempts to kiss Anne

Some viewers may have felt bad for Jonas on account of his unrequited feelings, while others have found his persistent presence annoying. Either way, Jonas presents himself as the underdog that deeply cares for a girl he can’t have. Even after Anne rejects his proclamations of love, he stays by her side, continuing to offer his help and support. However, as Anne puts the finishing touches on a sugar sculpture she intends to use for the exhibition, Jonas once again confesses his love for her, but this time, he is more forceful.

Grabbing her waist and attempting to pull her in for an unsolicited kiss, Jonas demonstrates that his persistence is not so respectful after all. His determination to join Anne on her journey and the help he so willingly gave her were only the means to an end. He never intended to back down, so he constantly tries to play the role of the dependable hero. After she slaps him away and firmly rejects him, he realizes that he has to resort to other means to get what he wants.

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The Story Has Been Building Toward Jonas’ Betrayal

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale ep 3 Jonas betrayal

Jonas’ betrayal is definitely a plot twist, but subtle hints throughout Sugar Apple Fairy Tale‘s first two episodes have built toward the big reveal of Jonas’ true intentions. After Anne’s first rejection of Jonas’ proposal, he points out how weak she is, stating his insistence to travel with her. He also refers to his family’s wealth and prestigious family tree, which he again brings up in Episode 3. His subtle arrogance is bolstered by his attitude toward fairies as he holds fast to the view of fairies as slaves, perpetuating the series’ dark undertone.

Though these hints may have appeared to be subtle character flaws, they point forward to Jonas’ true character breaking the surface when he betrays Anne. Not only does he manipulate his own fairy to help him set up the deadly trap for Anne and Challe, but he also steals Anne’s silver sugar to begin with and frames Mithril Lid Pod as an act of manipulation. Jonas’ actions indicate that Anne may have been merely a pawn in his scheme to steal her mother’s ideas and participate in the Royal Candy Fair in pursuit of the prestigious roles that he expresses his desire to attain earlier in the episode.

Shojo fans who appreciate the dramatic twists and turns in series such as Fruits Basket and Yona of the Dawn can look forward to the intriguing plot that Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is setting up with Episode 3’s plot twist and cliffhanger. Viewers will surely be pleasantly surprised as the complex story continues to unfold.

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