GoodOnes secures $3.5 million in Seed for personal photo

The startup GoodOnes has raised $3.5 million in Seed funding led by TLV Partners with participation from Liquid2 Ventures (Joe Montana’s fund), as well as Rich Miner (former co-founder of Android), and Peter Welinder (founder of Carousel, sold to Dropbox), as well as other operators and funders.

GoodOnes develops a personal photo assistant powered by machine learning (affectionately named Ollie). It sifts out the bad photos and shows recommendations for the good ones. From there, it’s up ‌to the user to choose by swiping right and left. The company said that the more the app is used, the better job it’ll do at curating, selecting, and weeding through photos.

The company was founded by Israel Shalom, an 8200 alumni and a former product and engineering leader at Google and Dropbox, and Aparna Pande, previously GM in Disney, Parents magazine and Mattel, who had recently sold her first startup, Kidstir, a kids cooking platform.

“Like so many parents, having children turned my phone into a blackhole of thousands of photos,” said Israel Shalom, CEO of GoodOnes. “Capturing your children’s special and everyday moments should be a positive experience – but it can quickly become overwhelming and impossible to navigate. As a product and engineering leader from Google and Dropbox, I was surprised a solution hadn’t yet been developed. The industry to date has been focused on cloud storage, yet we knew there was a better way. We focused on building a fun and easy-to-use platform to help people go from cluttered camera roll to photo-zen.”

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