What Are People Who Are Enneagram Type Three Like In A

Being in a relationship with an Enneagram type three will be anything but dull. You’ll likely feel as though you’ve stepped into a spotlight alongside them and having someone care about your goals and progress as much as their own is a special experience. “Their belief that anything is possible can be really inspiring for their partner,” Steph Barron Hall, certified Enneagram coach and author of The Enneagram in Love: A Roadmap for Building and Strengthening Romantic Relationships, told TZR.

You’ll likely be charmed by your partner on the daily. Type threes know how to turn up the charisma, which often works in their favor professionally, but can also make for a fun and upbeat landscape in romantic relationships. Being with a type three tends to be a long-lasting bond and the relationship doesn’t lack when it comes to devotion and unity (via The Enneagram Institute). So, if you have your eye on an Enneagram type three, be prepared to work hard and become your best self.

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