Leashing your dogs in Charlotte could save pets and you $500.

Rebecca Walker and her dogs Nayla and Lucy walk though the pedestrian tunnel at Frazier Park after playing in the new off-leash area of the uptown park in 2008.

Rebecca Walker and her dogs Nayla and Lucy walk though the pedestrian tunnel at Frazier Park after playing in the new off-leash area of the uptown park in 2008.


A Charlotte dog owner expressed concern that some pet owners are not following the city’s leash laws after two loose canines confronted her rescue dog on a local greenway.

Ellen Grady recounted her experience with the dogs in a Nextdoor post.

“We saw a guy on a bike and his dogs on the ridge and immediately turned around,” Grady wrote. “A few minutes later here comes the guy flying down the very narrow trail with his 2 unleashed dogs. We pulled our dog off to the side but his dogs came right at us so my daughter threw herself on top of our dog and I ended up falling on top of them. The entire time I’m begging him to get his dogs but he just sat on his bike and called the dogs but they ignored him.”

“I just don’t understand why people are so irresponsible and inconsiderate when it comes to leashing their dogs?” she continued.

It’s important for pet owners in Charlotte to follow all laws regarding animals, which includes keeping them on a leash in public.

Leashes are important to keep dogs from running away, but they can also protect pets from injuries. Though many pet owners disregard it, violating Charlotte’s leash law can have serious consequences.

Breaking the leash law could result in several hundred dollars in fines and the forced surrender of your dog to the city.

What does Charlotte’s law say?

All dogs must be on leashes or inside a fence when outside, according to the City of Charlotte.

Animals can be loose in their own yards, as long as there is an adult next to the animal, and the animal responds to the verbal commands of that person.

Dog owners who walk their pets in neighborhoods or public parks that are not designated as dog parks are required to keep their animals on leashes at all times.

What is the penalty for breaking the leash law?

Fines for breaking the leash law range from $50 for the first citation, to as much as $500 and permanent seizure of the animal for a fifth violation, according to the city.

How to report a leash law violation in Charlotte

Leash law violations in Charlotte can be reported by calling 311.

It could take up to four hours for an officer to respond, the City of Charlotte says, but any information about where the owner lives could help officers locate the offender.

Where are the dog parks in Charlotte?

Dog parks in the Charlotte area allow pet owners to let their dogs off-leash in a controlled area, according to the city.

Here are where public dog parks are located in Mecklenburg County:

All dog parks are open from 7:30 a.m. to sunset, according to the city, and children under 12 are not allowed inside dog parks.

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