‘Reluctant’ former Hartland coach going into state tennis Hall of

Judy Jagdfeld coached Hartland tennis teams for 35 years and 66 seasons from 1981-2015.

Judy Jagdfeld didn’t feel capable of taking over the Hartland boys tennis program in 1981.

To hear her tell it, the school didn’t have many options when she was approached about coaching the team.

“Some coaches were players, some coaches just love the game, some of them like working with young kids or sometimes they just couldn’t get anybody else to coach,” Jagdfeld said. “I was a combination of all of those. I didn’t feel like I knew enough about coaching tennis. I was reluctant to do that.”

Jagdfeld agreed to take the job, becoming what is still a rarity as a woman coaching a team of boys.

A self-described recreational tennis player, she got up to speed by attending as many coaching clinics and watching as much video as possible.

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