After the Greatest Call of Duty Player Puts Down His Gun, Who

Seth “Scump” Abner announced his retirement sooner than most of his followers expected, putting thousands of his supporters in grief, despite having stated before the season began that this may be his final year participating professionally. Scump has officially left his career in gaming for streaming.

Scump has created one of the most impressive careers in competitive monolithic Call of Duty history. When OpTic gaming eventually won its first global championship in 2017, he cemented himself as the king of CoD. It’s no surprise that his retirement has prompted speculation about who will succeed him as the GOAT.

And it’s also no surprise that Ian “Crimsix” Porter who has 37 LAN tournament championships to his record, as well as two titles from the Call of Duty World League period and who is also the former team player of Scump is a fitting candidate. However, he gave a fitting response to the fans who have been arguing about this, putting an end to the debate.


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Crimsix ends the Call of Duty ‘GOAT’ debate

On episode 4 of Burned Bridges, Crimsix discusses Scump’s enormous retirement announcement.

Crimsix said that he didn’t see it coming and that one of the main reasons for retirement in the case of gamers may have been motivation. “Like the more tournaments you win, the harder it is. Because you’ve already achieved what you’re trying to achieve,” said Crimsix.

He said that one would end up burning out as fast as they play, yet Crimsix admits that Scump had the same level of drive as him, making him a competitor in his games.


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“I guarantee you Seth was chasing after the ring and that was that,” Crimsix said. Adding in the event of Seth’s retirement, “that was probably his goal, right? Because he has quite literally everything else.”

However, coming to the main topic of discussion, Crimsix exclaimed his frustration with the comparison from the fans by saying, “From my point of view, it’s just ridiculous okay, and I can’t speak for Seth, but I’m sick and tired of it. Cause it’s just never-ending, and there’s no winning… You guys can argue about that sh*t, but I’m probably going to go play fetch with his dog. To me and Seth, it’s probably not that serious.”


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Crimsix appears to have made peace, but tensions among loyal fans continue. Everyone can agree that the end of an era has reached, and competitive CoD will never be the same without Scump.

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