Wednesday’s Netflix Success Could Be Good For Twilight’s Reboot

The success of Netflix’s Wednesday could prove that a Twilight reboot would work, provided the project focused on the next generation of characters.

While there seem to be a lot of logistical problems standing in the way of a potential Twilight reboot, the success of Netflix’s Wednesday proves that this project might not be impossible. The Twilight saga didn’t leave much room for further expansion of its fictional universe. The self-contained Twilight series wrapped up its story and gave every major character a happy ending. The faithful movie adaptations of the original novels did little to add ambiguity to this plot. However, the Twilight franchise earned over $3 billion at the box office, so a sequel or reboot is far from impossible.


Since author Stephenie Meyer originally planned to write only one Twilight sequel, it is clear that the author can expand the franchise’s existing world when necessary. However, the question of how the writer would do this is tough to work out. Twilight’s main characters, Bella, Edward, and Jacob, would be in their 30s or 40s by the time a reboot could be produced, so a new Twilight story centered around them would be unlikely to regain the teenage demographic that made the original movies so popular. However, the answer to this issue may have already arisen from an unexpected source.

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Wednesday Proves A Next-Generation Twilight Reboot Could Work

wednesday and enid friendship

The success of Wednesday proved that the Addams Family’s second generation could sustain a major hit on their own without relying on iconic older characters like Morticia and Gomez, who were instrumental to the success of earlier incarnations of the franchise. Since the Twilight movies made so much money, it seems likely that the series’ creators will eventually want to dip back into that fictional universe. Wednesday’s success should be great news for them if the producers can create a Twilight spinoff centered on Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee.

Not only was Renesmee already established as a major character in the final Twilight movie adaptation, but she also has unique powers that no one else in the franchise’s universe possesses. This makes her an ideal candidate for the reboot’s leading lady. Renesmee’s attempts to navigate life as a teenage vampire with extraordinary powers would contrast perfectly with her mother, Bella’s story of falling in love with a vampire as an ordinary teenage girl. Renesmee could have a better relationship with her mother than Bella had with Twilight’s Charlie, but a reboot centered on her (like Wednesday) would not need to bring back Bella and Edward for long, making the project more achievable.

Why Twilight’s Reboot Needs To Focus On Renesmee

Bella with Renesmee in Twilight.

Thanks to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s post-Twilight successes, the franchise’s original stars are too expensive to get back for a Twilight reboot. Not only that, but their Twilight saga story left their characters with nowhere to go. Even if the actors did return, there is not much of a story to tell after Edward and Bella’s happy ending, but Renesmee’s plot could be a perfect fusion of coming-of-age drama and paranormal fantasy a la Wednesday. Twilight should not recast Renesmee’s parents, but the series could pull the focus away from them and toward their offspring. Then, like Wednesday, Twilight’s spinoff could make the franchise feel fresh for a new generation.

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