how to save money and retire early

Harrison and his wife hiking in El Cajas National Park on the continental divide in the Andes, just outside of Cuenca, Ecuador.
  • Retiring abroad used to be a fringe idea, but it’s a much more accessible way for people to retire early.
  • Lee Harrison sold his house in Vermont and moved to Cuenca, Ecuador because it was affordable and an adventurous place to live.
  • Experts offer tips on how to make moving abroad as a retiree less intimidating.

Lee Harrison never thought he’d retire at the age of 49 – 13 years earlier than when he had planned. He definitely didn’t expect that he’d be retired in Ecuador of all places. But at 70, he’s happier than ever with his decision, he said. 

“My father worked until he was 62, which I thought was great and my idea of early retirement at the time,” he told USA TODAY.

In his late 40s, Harrison was working in New York as a writer, and his wife, Julie, was a project manager at an energy company. While he didn’t have a lot of savings, he worked at a company that offered an early retirement package with a pension when you hit 50, he said. 

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