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Yellowstone and 1923 on mid-season hiatus but 1923 returning in

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Can’t get enough of Yellowstone? Neither can thousands of other fans who have found themselves stepping into the exhilarating world created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson with their original series that began airing in 2018.

The American neo-Western drama follows the conflicts along the borders of a large cattle ranch, an Indian reservation, and land developers. Over the years, praise has been overwhelming and now that we’re in season 5 there’s no shying away from the fact that it’s a full-blown phenomenon.

We’ve even had spin-offs with 1883 and the recent and current prequel series 1923.

Somewhat fresh off Kevin Costner’s Best Actor win for Yellowstone at the Golden Globes, you’ll want to know when his John Dutton is back on screens. With that in mind, is Yellowstone and 1923 on tonight?

Yellowstone © Pararmount

Is Yellowstone and 1923 on tonight?

No, neither Yellowstone nor 1923 have new installments premiering on Sunday, January 29th 2023. Paramount Network doesn’t have an episode ⁠— new or old ⁠— on the schedule for tonight.

Similarly, you won’t find the latest episode of 1923 added to Paramount+ today either.

The next episode of Yellowstone will be season 5 episode 9 whereas 1923 will return with season 1 episode 5.

It has already been announced that Yellowstone will return at some point this summer, as the previous episode served as the mid-season finale. Episode 4 of 1923 served as the mid-season finale too.

Unlike Yellowstone, 1923 episode 5 has a confirmed release date of Sunday, February 5th 2023 and you can stream it on its home, Paramount+.

‘Thank you to our show’s fans’

Taking this into consideration, audiences will have to wait for John Dutton’s post-Golden Globes win return.

The actor was unable to attend the 80th Golden Globes ceremony but celebrated his triumph with Yellowstone fans on Instagram and Twitter afterward.

“Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press and Golden Globes for this tremendous honor and to the Yellowstone team for bringing John Dutton’s world to life,” he wrote.

“I share this recognition with my castmates, the producers, and our incredible crew. Most of all, thank you to our show’s fans, who love Yellowstone Ranch as if it were their own.”

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Is 1923 renewed for season 2?

Yes, it’s already been announced that 1923 will receive a second season.

Both seasons 1 and 2 will be made up of eight episodes each. On the other hand, it’s yet to be officially confirmed that Yellowstone is renewed for season 6.

Yellowstone will return to Paramount Network in summer 2023.

In other news, Wolf Pack: How many episodes are in the Paramount+ series?

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