25 Green Flags in a Relationship


Many of us remember the childhood game, “Red Light, Green Light.” The goal is to start at the beginning and be the first to the finish line. Along the way, a person designated as the leader yells “green light” when the participants should “go,” and “red light” when the participants should “stop.” It’s a simple game that’s easy to teach, but in real life, recognizing green for go and red for stop gets more complicated.

Trying to navigate the world of love and dating? It will help to recognize green flags in a relationship—these characteristics point to positive things happening. And just as important to recognize are red flags in a relationship, which are typically warning signs. Both flags are helpful while getting closer to someone.

We know that life isn’t as easy as a simple game of “Red Light, Green Light,” but with these pointers, and a little help from trustworthy family and friends, relationships can be wonderful, fulfilling parts of our lives. Pay attention, communicate well and you just might find a partner for life.

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25 Green Flags in a Relationship

1. There’s a healthy give and take

Both of you have a good understanding of what the other needs, and enjoys. Maybe you don’t care that much about watching football every Sunday, but you take the time to do this together, and do something you enjoy more the next time you’re together.

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