UK to grind to a halt in biggest strike action for decades

Half a million Britons are expected to take part in “Walkout Wednesday”, which will see workers including teachers, civil servants, train drivers, Royal Mail staff and Amazon warehouse staff refuse to show up to work to demand pay rises amid soaring inflation and eye-watering energy bills. The largest coordinated action in a generation will see schools close, the military on standby to help at Britain’s borders, and no rail services running across much of the country – but the Government is refusing to bring in pay rises, saying they will further drive inflation. 

Union leaders estimate up to 500,000 people will take part, with rallies also being held against a planned government law that will limit workers’ ability to strike in some sectors. The government says “mitigations” will be in place but the strikes will have a significant impact regardless as inflation runs at 10 percent, the highest level in four decades, a period which has seen wages stagnate. 


This post is originally appeared on Express UK

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