Charlie Munger Calls for Crypto Ban in the US; Meta’s Metaverse

Jennifer Sanasie

Jennifer Sanasie sits at the intersection of crypto and culture. She co-hosts “The Hash” on CoinDesk TV, a daily news show that connects the dots on why crypto stories matter beyond crypto native communities. She’s a content director at Windranger Labs, a lab that incubates, co-develops and partners with autonomous entities in the BitDAO ecosystem and is also the co-founder and CSO of Rite Network, a decentralized standard for licensing IP associated with NFTs.

Prior to entering the Web 3 space, Sanasie created branded and editorial content for companies, broadcasters and publishers in Canada, South Africa and the United States. She holds her MBA from the Rotman School of Management, LLM from the University of Toronto, BA in media studies from the University of Guelph and diploma in journalism from Humber College.

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