Taylor Swift Dancing Her Heart Out To Harry Styles Singing “As It


Also, TBH, just by watching the awards show it looked like Taylor was having an absolute ball the entire time.

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Blondie is absolutely always on her feet and dancing and I love that for her!!!!

As a child of divorce (AKA, a fan of both Taylor and Harry), I personally live for the very limited but very sweet interactions we get of them at award shows. Like, I’m still dying to know what the infamous 2021 Grammy’s convo was about.

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be delighted to hear that TikToker @chris shared a video he took while attending the Grammys, during Harry’s performance of “As It Was.”

Who’s that, standing up and having the time of her life dancing? Yup, it’s none other than Taylor herself!

Here’s a very poor quality gif I made so you get the full ~experience~:

It looks like I’m not the only one metaphorically screaming, crying, and throwing up over this, either:

BUCKLE UP, BESTIES, because that’s not all! Chris also shared another video on TikTok of Taylor walking over to talk to Harry later during the ceremony and! I love this for them! We stan healthy, supportive, wildly talented exes!

Here’s a ~high definition~ look at that moment, too:

I would pay…..so much money to know what they were talking about.

In conclusion: Swifties and Harries really won tonight, y’all. You can watch both TikToks in their entirety here:

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