Advancements and Obstacles in the Fight Against Malaria

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World Malaria Day, commemorated annually on April 25th, serves as a platform to emphasize the ongoing necessity for sustained investment and unwavering political dedication towards the prevention and control of malaria.


The designated theme for 2023, as designated by the World Health Organization, is “Time to deliver zero malaria: invest, innovate, implement”, urging action on multiple fronts.

Despite notable progress achieved in the past two decades, there remains a monumental amount of work ahead. In 2000, there were 108 endemic countries worldwide, which has reduced to 84 as of 2021. However, close to half of the global population is still considered “at risk” of malaria.

The estimated number of deaths due to malaria in 2021 was 619,000, a decrease from 897,000 in 2000, underscoring the urgency of continued efforts.


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