FIFA’s top 16 fastest players, according to data

To celebrate its 14th anniversary, FIFA 23 unveiled the *FUT Birthday event last month. With gamers taking on the challenge to strengthen their UTwhich footballers are the best choice?

To find out, the experts at analysed footballers’ acceleration and speed, to determine their average total pace, revealing the overall fastest players and teams on FIFA 23.

*(FUT = FIFA Ultimate Team)

Key findings:

  • France‘s Kylian Mbappé is the fastest footballer on FIFA with a pace of 97
  • Second place goes to Sheraldo Becker with a pace of 95
  • English footballer Tom Barkhuizen places fourth with an average pace of 93
  • Sudan is home to the fastest footballers on FIFA overall, securing an average pace of 79.75

​This is part of a wider study, which can be found at:

The fastest footballers on FIFA:

The fastest footballers on FIFA can reveal that Kylian Mbappé is the fastest footballer on FIFA with the highest average pace of 97  just three points shy of a perfect 100. With the striker’s impressive pace, acceleration and speed, alongside becoming Paris St Germain’s all-time leading scorer, Mbappé certainly earned the recognition as one of the best players on FIFA.

Suriname’s Sheraldo Becker is the second fastest, boasting an overall average pace of 95 – a mere two points away from Mbappé. Thanks to his impressive acceleration (94) and speed (95), which have all contributed to his stellar final rank.

Recently representing Ghana in the World Cup, Iñaki Williams, secured the third spot with a total pace of 94. The current Athletic Bilbao player has an acceleration of 93 and 94 attributing to speed, thus, Williams’ claim as third fastest footballer is surely warranted.

The fastest international football teams on FIFA:

The fastest international football teams on FIFA can reveal that Sudan is home to the fastest footballers on FIFA overall, securing an average pace of 79.75 – the highest pace among all teams. With exceptional acceleration and speed stats, Sudan’s most notable player, Mo Eisa, impresses with an overall pace of 86.


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