UK games industry legends honour The King with Charlie’s Royal Coronation game

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Charlie’s Royal Coronation is available to play now via RichCast for mobile, PC and Mac

Charlie’s Royal Coronation, a special interactive adventure game to mark King Charles III’s ascendancy to the throne, is now available to download on immersive storytelling app RichCast ( – delivering a unique commemorative experience to accompany this weekend’s celebrations!

The interactive adventure for all ages has been created by Philip and Andrew Oliver, AKA ‘The Oliver Twins’, UK games industry legends responsible for developing hundreds of video games over the past 40 years.

Charlie’s Royal Coronation puts players in the paws of the story’s hero King Charles Spaniel, guiding him to his Coronation at ‘Barking-ham Palace’ by dodging doggy distractions, including ‘Bone-mouth Beach’!

The Oliver Twins wanted to honour King Charles III in recognition of his support for their Royal Leamington Spa game developer hotbed base in Warwickshire, including his many visits to Warwick University and other education institutions in the region.

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With over 2,000 businesses based across the country, supporting 73,000 jobs, the games industry is a UK cultural powerhouse, directly contributing £5bn to the economy – as recognised by the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who recently hosted a reception at Downing Street attended by games industry leaders.

Philip and Andrew Oliver said: “We’ve always been grateful for the support given to the Warwickshire region by King Charles III, so we decided to mark the occasion of his Coronation with a special interactive commemoration. We hope people of all ages will enjoy playing Charlie’s Royal Coronation, including the King’s grandchildren, who we believe are keen gamers!”

To download RichCast for iOS/Android/Mac/PC and play Charlie’s Royal Coronation, click here.

To watch the RichCast app video, click here. 

The free RichCast app enables players to browse and play an exciting library of interactive titles, ranging from choose your own adventure-style games and comics, to adaptations of classic novels, and interactive movies.

A unique aspect of RichCast is that titles can be controlled using voice recognition, in addition to touch screen buttons. Players can literally talk to ‘in-game’ characters, who can understand and respond, allowing for deeper, richer and more immersive story experiences.

Windows and Mac versions of RichCast also include an easy to use editor, which allows storytellers to create and publish their own titles.

RichCast has been developed by video games industry veterans Neil Campbell and The Oliver Twins at UK start-up Panivox, with the aim of democratising Next Generation Media Creation and Distribution for writers, podcasters, TikTokers and Tubers.


RichCast is the brainchild of three highly respected and experienced UK games industry veterans: Neil Campbell, plus Philip and Andrew Oliver – The Oliver Twins. With 25+ years in the games industry, Campbell co-founded Viewpoint Games and boasts an enviable reputation as a games developer and designer, having worked on major franchises such as Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. Games industry legends the Oliver Twins have created hundreds of titles over the past 40 years, including the ultra-popular ’80s character Dizzy, as well as having established two previous studios. Further details about PANIVOX can be found at


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