The 10 UK cities where tourists get the best rest, data reveals

The 10 best cities for hotel sleep quality

A recent report on the growing wellness trend of ‘sleep tourism’ suggests that prioritising sleep and restfulness will be at the core of many holiday-goers’ perfect getaway this summer.

Interested, the experts at Mattress Online conducted a sentiment analysis on hotel reviews, considering noise, sleep and bed quality, across 20 UK cities to reveal the best and worst areas for hotel sleep quality.

Key findings:

  • Sunderland is crowned the best UK city for a good night’s rest, earning the highest hotel sleep quality score of 8.21 out of 10
  • Edinburgh offers holiday-goers the second–best hotel sleep quality with a score of 8.10 out of 10
  • Birmingham scores the lowest, offering city-breakers the worst night of sleep with a score of 2.50 out of 10
  • Nottingham just beats it with a sleep quality score of 2.62 out of 10.

For the full results, please visit the full study here:

The 10 best cities for hotel sleep quality

Mattress Online can reveal that Sunderland is crowned the best city for hotel sleep quality as it secured a final score of 8.21 out of 10. With reviews being the least negative overall, this port city seems perfect for city-breakers looking for a good night’s rest.


Edinburgh follows in second place with a final score of 8.10 out of 10. From its blend of vibrant greenery and neoclassical architecture, the historically-rich Scottish capital is surely the place to be for those seeking a healing time away from the hustle and bustle.

The city of Belfast comes in third place, acquiring a hotel sleep quality score of 7.14 out of 10. Home to the famous Titanic visitor tour, alongside its blend of breathtaking natural attractions within reach, Belfast is steadily among the list of cities offering a night of peace and quiet, perfect for a summer weekend getaway.


On the other hand, Birmingham ranks as the worst city for a good night’s rest, earning the lowest hotel sleep quality score of only 2.50 out of 10.

Nottingham (2.62 out of 10) and Cardiff (2.74 out of 10) follow as the second and third worst cities for hotel sleep quality respectively.


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