Man, 30, shares side hustle that makes £1,000 a day

Man, 30, shares side hustle that makes £1,000 a day on

Jeevan Singh, 30, is earning £1,000 a day with his side hustle and says he’ll be able to retire early.

By carefully building his craft, he has made more than £2.5million in five years date and hopes to continue building his business.

The London graduate wanted to earn a living without trading his time so took to the internet for some inspiration.

At 18 years old he Google searched ‘how to make money online’ and saw a 14-year-old who was making £300 a week off an e-book.

Mr Singh was inspired by this man, especially because of his age – being four years younger. He was determined to achieve success just like him.

He told The Sun: “I was stunned and I thought, this kid is only…

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